4 Proven Strategies for Wholesale Success at NEAC Shows 

NEAC wholesale shows offers product and designer companies a variety of ways in which to grow their business and expand their brand’s presence in the industry. The events have the potential to quick-start sales for these companies by getting their products in front of potential buyers and retailers of varying size throughout New England.

While wholesale shows can benefit product designers and creators in an exorbitant number of ways, there are some businesses that seem to capitalize on the events more successfully than others. If you’re a representative looking to maximize your company’s presence at an upcoming wholesale show, then consider implementing these 4 strategies to help your products and services shine.

#4. Market Your Company’s Attendance Beforehand

In order to generate excitement for your company’s attendance at a wholesale show, you’ll want people to actually know that you’ll be attending. By marketing the fact that your company will be appearing at the event, your audience will know what to watch for, and buzz will grow as you get closer and closer to the day of the show.

Social media, email marketing, and even webinars are all ways you can inform your audience about your intention of attending the show. Teasing new product releases or giving hints about what products your company will be featuring is a great way to get people excited.

#3. Plan the Layout of Your Booth Space

The aesthetic of your booth is probably more important than you realize. While there are no full-blown wrong ways to set up your space, there are definitely a few ways to help maximize exposure for the products/services you’ll be featuring.

In order to have a strong understanding of the layout of the space, it’s typically a good idea to register for the event as far in advance as possible. The space itself can dictate what products you present and how you present them. Don’t make the mistake of assuming all locations are created equal.

#2. Become a Speaker at the Event

There is more than one way to get in front of retailers at wholesale shows. While the value of your booth can’t be overstated, being a speaker at one of these events also has the potential to open doors for your organization and significantly increase brand recognition.

Whether your presentation is about the products you’re offering or simply general industry trends, it’s a chance to get in front of tons of buyers and partners. You’ll want to take advantage of having everyone’s attention by pointing out your booth and conveying your willingness to collaborate and discuss trending topics throughout the day.

#1. Keep People Engaged After the Event is Over

Throughout a wholesale show, you’ll probably have made a number of new contacts that will be interested in receiving updates on your product lines moving forward. Whether you are attempting to drive people to your website, your social media channels, or even creating email lists, ensure you have all the necessary information to continue the relationship once the event is over.

Then, you’ll need to implement a plan to just do that. Sending an email recapping the event to all those new contacts could be a great way to break the ice and maintain contact. You can get as creative as your marketing budget allows, just be sure people don’t forget about your products as soon as the event is over.

Wholesale shows are opportunities. Opportunities to increase sales, grow a buyer base, and make valuable connections. Ensure your messaging at the events is authentic, maintain your brand’s voice, and follow the steps in this blog to maximize on the experience.