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Deciding on Products & Navigating NEAC Trade Shows

When you’re tasked with attending buying events for your retail store, you may be overwhelmed at first. How will you create a plan? How will you make sure you stay within the store’s buying budget? How will you know what fashions will be in style, and what pieces will sell in the future? It may seem like a daunting task, but NEAC makes this easier for you. Read on for everything you need to know to attend a successful buying event for your retail store.

Base Decisions off Your Plan

Your retail store likely has a plan for merchandise, display, and theme throughout each season of the year. Your store likely has a certain aesthetic, so be sure your finds from the trade show align with your store. Make decisions at the buying event that directly relate to your store’s plan. With so many designers and sales reps present, don’t succumb to the overwhelming nature of the trade show!

Stick to your plan for each season to help you know which products and lines to go with. If you can’t imagine a place in your plan where a certain line would fit in perfectly, or if you think you’re really taking a chance, go with a different line you know will definitely succeed in your store.

Stay Within Your Retail Store’s Buying Budget

We know there will be so much to choose from. Which lines will you highlight next season? You’ll have to narrow down each of your decisions, and be sure the lines you decide to feature in your store are in alignment with your financial plan. NEAC features lines and styles friendly for all size budgets.

Take the Guessing out of the Fashion Industry

NEAC trade shows are a way of helping you facilitate buying for your store’s future. We feature items we know will be in style for the season ahead. It’s our job to be on top of future trends and fashion predictions so you don’t have to be. We take the guessing out of wholesale fashion and apparel buying.

Creativity & Inspiration

While navigating a NEAC trade show, you’ll be flooded with creativity and inspiration for your store. You’ll be inspired with new ways to set up your displays and organize your store layout. Trade shows and buying events help you to put your retail store in perspective, and maybe even allow you to view your entire business model in a new light. You’ll see your store as a brand that’s coming together cohesively each time you add to your inventory.