Top Five Spring Event Ideas for New England Boutiques

New England-based boutiques know better than anyone that March is a mixed bag.  Everyone’s excited about Spring, but the weather isn’t great yet. In fact, it can be downright nasty. Still, it is time to start thinking about Spring Events – and capitalizing on your customers’ desire to buy pretty new things as the weather gets better.

According to this article in Forbes, in-store events are back! And they provide a great way to get customers to spend more time in your store – and entice new customers to check you out.

Spring is the perfect time to host events for your boutique and with the great weather after a long winter, your customers will be more excited than ever to get out for a fun spring event. Here are our Top Five Event Ideas for New England clothing boutiques.


Spring is the perfect time for a makeover. People are feeling great about the sunshine on their face, and are looking to mix up their beauty routine as well as their wardrobe. Bring both together for your customers with a fun event.

Host a Spring Makeover party with a local hair and makeup artist or spa. Customers can come in to your shop for mini-makeovers and pick up some fun new fashion looks and accessories, too.  Get customers to sign up for time slots and make it a Sip n Shop event!


You know your customers are probably thinking about spring cleaning as the weather gets better. Why not use that to your shop’s advantage and do something good for the community while bringing customers into the store.

Encourage your customers and their friends to clean out their closets and start fresh for spring with a Spring Closet Cleanout event.

Pick a local non-profit – like a women’s shelter, an organization that provides business clothes to women looking for jobs, or another worthy local organization – and create donation bins. Advertise your boutique as a donation site and offer a discount to anyone who drops off donations. You can also host a live sale (with Facebook/online component if you like) showing off some of your new inventory. This way, you’re both helping your customers and the community!


This one should be pretty popular. Team up with a local florist or floral designer and have a fun event where customers can create their own arrangements, Spring wreaths or succulent gardens in your store, and then shop your Spring collection. This is a great way to collaborate with others in your community and build local awareness. Plus, it’s a perfect seasonal tie-in!



Classic sip n’ shop events are always popular with local customers. Who doesn’t love a shopping event with the girls? Host a Spring Open House and invite customers to spend the day shopping with the gals. Offer appetizers such as a charcuterie board from a local cheese shop, chocolates from a local business, and/or cupcakes from a local bakery. You might even want to team up with a local wine shop and/or restaurants.  It’s a perfect way for your customers to kick off the spring season and get together with friends.


Everyone loves a fashion show! Show off new arrivals by planning a fashion show, featuring your best customers as your models.  Team up with other local businesses to host a community fashion show benefitting the local elementary school, sports team, or childrens art program.  You’ll bring new people into the store and feel good about supporting your local community.

Whatever event(s) you choose to host at your boutique this Spring, it is sure to be blast! Everyone loves to get out of the house and celebrate warmer weather and the end of a long winter. Enjoy!


And to keep your inventory fresh – plan to visit our New England Apparel Show March 26-28 in Manchester.  Buyer registration is open.