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Bits & Bows is a synergy of sisterhood. Our childhood instilled in us a certain profundity in products and their creation, purveyance, & management that can only appoint mere objects as magical. Simple “things” can become so much more, and it fascinates each of us in completely different, yet incredibly complementary ways.

The vision for the Bow Baseball Hat came to Sarah as she bundled up for a particularly wintry northeastern day. All signs of femininity visibly gone, what if her signature baseball hat could solve the problem with the simple adornment of a bow? Knowing Katie’s shared entrepreneurial ambitions and expertise after a corporate retail buying career, Sarah approached her older sister with the unshakable idea. In 2021, lives paused by pandemic, the sisters joined to begin telling the story of the Bits & Bows brand, with the launch of their e-store at and hosting Pop-Up Shops. Each Bow Baseball Hat serves as an example of how two sisters can come together — and make magic happen.

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