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Discover the Art of Ukrainian Glass

Welcome to Glass By Iness, where the ancient craft of hand-blown glass meets the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine. Nestled in the heart of L'viv Oblast, our artisans, mostly mothers and wives, pour their skill and passion into creating exquisite hand-blown glass ornaments, candle holders, and lampworking glass figurines.

Tradition Meets Innovation

At Glass By Iness, we take pride in preserving the traditional art of mouth-blown glass techniques passed down through generations. Each piece is a testament to the craftsmanship that has defined Ukrainian glassmaking for centuries.

Hand-Painted Elegance

Our ornaments and candle holders are not just glass; they're canvases of artistry. Hand-painted with precision, you'll notice the brush strokes that give each piece its unique character. Embrace the imperfections, for they are the soul of our creations.

Lampworking Mastery

Step into the mesmerizing world of lampworking, where skilled master artisans shape molten glass under a 700+ degree flame using only hand tools. Each figurine tells a story of dedication and expertise, capturing the essence of Ukrainian culture and tradition.

Uniquely Yours

Embrace the beauty of individuality. No two pieces are alike at Glass By Iness. Each character's face tells its own tale, and every flower is a bloom of originality. We celebrate the charm in the differences, ensuring that your purchase is as unique as you are.

Ukrainian Quality, Global Appeal

Our glass is sourced from the finest regions in Ukraine, ensuring a quality that transcends borders. By choosing Glass By Iness, you're not just acquiring a piece of art; you're supporting families and communities in L'viv Oblast.

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