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Tribal Spirit offers a covid free buying experience for our customers with a no risk visit. For the last 30 years + TS has been using RVs as its traveling showroom. With this set up we can provide a one on one buying experience that is in a self-contained environment. By using the RV we do not stay at hotels or eat in restaurants while traveling to see customers. We have been wearers and promoters of mask since the outbreak began to protect not just ourselves but our 92 year mother. We are careful to say the least. We do not come into your office as other reps but invite you into ours. We'll be wearing mask and can provide you one if needed. All the windows will be open so similar to being outdoors. We'll have sanitizer and wipes at our disposal and will wipe the unit down after each and every appointment. Here in Vermont anyone who requests it can have a covid test. We'll plan on getting a test once a week to monitor ourselves. So while on the road the only exposure we'll have is other buyers at their location, this way staying as isolated as possible while still traveling which will help protect both you and us. Plus we also deliver on site so you take stock that day which gives you free shipping and the opportunity to start selling right away. In the spirit of cooperation we are willing to work generous terms with our customers so we can all get back on our feet and make what we can out of the remaining part of 2020. No zoom meeting or Skype. No trying to guess about feel or texture from online catalogs. 1 meeting, it's all over in an hour, you get stock and terms on site, we're done. Business the way it used to be!
Scarves, shawls, face coverings and other textile related products. Direct importer from South/Southeast Asia. Available on the road by appointment, on line at or at NEAC shows. (802) 258-9811.


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