April Cornell

The Brand-
The colorful, feminine and complex style of April Cornell the artist has garnered her namesake brand a sizeable niche in the lifestyle marketplace.

The brand's success is largely due to April's innate ability to understand the details of women's lives, and to connect on an emotional level with them. April knows that women who enjoy her creations see themselves as independent, original thinkers whose lives are influenced by art and beauty. And beauty is at the heart of everything April designs.

With a keen eye for common values, April brings vintage to the 21st century, sub-continent color to middle America, the west coast to the east. The result is timeless —and always evolving—design that appeals to women who favor quality, tradition, luxury, detail and value.

The Customer

April Cornell customers share a passion for beautiful things that enhance and complement their lives. For them, shared emotions, passions, and interests are more important than being the same age or being alike. Our customers take comfort in and enjoy nature inspired beauty and have a warm artistic take on life.

The April Cornell customer is:
The 25-year-old Etsy artist who sells handmade messenger bags sewn from April Cornell Moda fabric.
The 64-year-old schoolteacher who just joined Facebook.
The 32-year-old mother of three who home schools her children.
The 52-year-old doctor who orchestrates a full-time practice and five children.
The April Cornell customer knows she can count on quality and good value that last as long as her favorite April Cornell tablecloth, with its sun-faded patina.

She can spend under $50 for a beautiful new blouse that will make her feel feminine and pretty without the worry of overspending on something personal. She understands that in order to care for others, she needs to nurture herself.

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