In the early 1990s, twin sisters began selling their linen garments at a local Farmer’s Market in Ithaca, New York. They quickly realized the increasing demand for their relaxed styles made from natural fibers. After expanding and connecting with enthusiastic, worker-owned, women-operated factories in Lithuania, FLAX was born!

25 years later, our custom-made European linen fabrics are still produced and sewn in those same factories while our FLAX headquarters remain in Upstate New York. We stay dedicated to creating quality clothing for women of all shapes and sizes to be worn comfortably in their everyday life.

FLAX is committed to producing our products sustainably and we are continuously trying to improve our standards; not only for our employees and clothing, but also our impact on the environment.

Our custom fabrics and garments are produced at the same worker-owned, women-operated factories in Lithuania that they have been for over 25 years. We are in daily communication with our factories and truly value the close relationships we have with these women who helped to make Flax what it is today.

We are proud to use Corozo buttons on our garments. This 100% natural product is cut from the seeds of the fruit of the Corozo Palm and promotes sustainable harvesting in our fragile rainforest while ensuring the employment of its indigenous people.

Any chemicals used in the production of our threads and fabrics meet European REACH regulations, assuring they have been assessed regarding the impact they may have on human health and the environment and all our garments come pre-washed and dried, using an eco-friendly softener.

Flax is dedicated to our commitment to lessen our ecological footprint. We have always been mindful of our impact on the world around us and will continue to adapt as we maintain the quality of clothing you have grown to expect from Flax!

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