S Design Jewelry

S Design Jewelry was created by Tricia DePaola.
Learn about the Brand in her own Words: "I became a mother late in life, feeling blessed and connected I have created a Jewelry Brand that helps people connect to themselves and to each other. Sharing the gift of love and connection through jewelry design fills my heart and allows me to be a full-time mother. Every piece of Jewelry is handcrafted. Every Natural Stone is selected by hand. My passion for writing has enabled me to create the perfect sentiment to pair with each jewelry design, creating a Time Capsule of Joy to be experienced by the wearer. I believe that the Perfect Gift is more than an object. I believe the Perfect Gift is Strength for the weary, Light in times of darkness and Grace in times of desperation. Compassion & Empathy is at the Core of everything I do. I am committed to Employing and Empowering women, fostering an environment of teaching and personal growth, a place young girls can grow to become powerful women and rule the world.

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