The insole is the heart of every shoe. It connects us to earth, it grounds us. Perfect workmanship and optimal conditions are especially important here. At Think! the best materials are carefully processed with many years of experience to create soft, durable and optimally supporting insoles. A good footbed gives support, lets the foot breathe, cushions every step and supports the foot during the entire walking process. And, Think! insoles can be changed at will.

A river takes uncounted ages to carve out a bed where it may flow freely. Our feet haven't got that much time in the space of their short lives. Instead, let's put them in a footbed that provides them with the freedom they need and that seamlessly works together with the complex interplay of muscles, tendons and bones that make up our feet.

That's why we take the greatest care not only while crafting each model, but also when we create the last, (a model for shaping the shoe). The last and the pattern determine whether your foot will feel good in the shoe or not. To make sure that the fit lasts for the life of the shoe, we leave the shoe on the mold for several hours, in good old shoemaker tradition.


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