Marketing Your Shop or Boutique Online

When you have a beautiful shop, boutique, or retail store, you likely put time and effort into curating your store.

Keeping a beautiful storefront, designing displays, and visualizing the floor takes time and commitment. But are you equally committed to your boutique’s online presence? Do you put the same time and effort into marketing your boutique or shop online? If you do, then you’re with us, and you know the importance. If you don’t, here’s why you should consider it.

Online Presence and Social Media For Your Shop or Boutique

Building your shop’s online presence includes maintaining a well working website, engaging on social media, and staying up to date with online store hours and business information.

If your boutique or shop is as beautiful as we think it is, you need a working website to showcase its beauty! With the beautiful displays you have set up, and the apparel and accessories you feature, your shop is deserving of a nice website to showcase all of this. Keep an image gallery on your website so people can view your inventory, see your shop set up, and entice them to come in and stop by.

A Well-Working Website & Online Marketing

A website lets your consumers know who you are, and accurate information on the web lets tourists and visitors find you when visiting.

The right address to your shop, correct business hours, etc. will allow you to pop up in local searches when visitors are looking for places to shop. You want to be up-to-date with your business information, clear with your outward trajectory, and transparent when it comes to all communication online.

Concise and transparent business information on your website also rings true for your other platforms. Be sure your seasonal newsletters, email marketing, and social content are all within alignment.

Social Media

Interacting on your boutique’s social media accounts gives you the opportunity to be informal, and give your followers a peek into your brand identity.

Your followers want to see who you really are as a boutique, what you stand for, and what value you bring to the table in the local scene. You have the ability to personally engage with your followers, create unique stories, even run social media ads and create awesome giveaways. And if you’re really social media savvy, you may even find a way to go viral!

eCommerce for Local Shops & Boutiques

Do you offer your consumers the ability to place orders online? If you don’t, you should! Devise an eCommerce strategy for your boutique and find success with online selling.

An eCommerce platform can easily be set up on your website, and will offer so much value to your consumers.  Allow your customers the ability to shop your store and place orders anytime, from anywhere, directly from your site! Online selling is a great competitive advantage for local shops and boutiques.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you put more emphasis on your in-person shopping experience in your shop or boutique, we understand. This is so important.

But you can learn how to have the best of both worlds, with a great in-person experience and a great website user experience! In 2020, the online experience is just as important as your in-person boutique.

If you’re not already on the ball, get rolling with a nice website, and increase your engagement on social media platforms. You will love the benefits this will bring- come from promoting your brand, engaging with clients, and staying connected.