State Re-Opening Guidelines for Retailers

NEAC is so happy for our retailers who can begin opening for business. Of course, safety is on everyone’s minds.

There isn’t a unified reopening strategy across all states and both government and business owners are making decisions based on a variety of factors. Some states have started reopening, while others haven’t yet opened the gates, and regulations vary greatly.

In the short-term, many of our local stores will transform from warm, social centers to being focused primarily on commerce and cleanliness – although we are loving all of the creative online and social media sales that so many stores have undertaken. These online events are a great way for retailers to continue to connect with shoppers and to showcase your personalities. The spirit of fun and positivity so many of you are sharing on social media is critical as we all get back to work.

Working within the “new normal” for retail, we know our stores will provide the best customer experience possible while adhering to the regulations. Luckily, we are all used to social distancing measures and most shoppers understand the need for new guidelines and processes. As an industry, we will all be focusing on balancing safety with a great shopping experience.

We have compiled a list of links to government resources in each New England state, and New York, so that they are easy to find. Some have posted detailed guidelines for the retail industry – other states haven’t finalized their guidance yet, but will post to these sites once things are set.

We hope these resources are helpful to our retail community. We can’t wait to see all of you at a NEAC show very soon!


New Hampshire:




Rhode Island:

New York: